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August 16, 2023 A Day In the Life: Senior Accounting Assistant, Pang Moua

We recently met up with Pang Moua, a senior accounting assistant working out of the MYR Group corporate office in Thornton, Colo. Moua has seen plenty of growth throughout the company in her 20 years, originally starting in 1999 before rejoining the company with Sturgeon Electric in 2005.

Moua and the accounting department play a critical role in the daily operations of the organization, as she directly supports 11 subsidiary companies. Learn more about Moua and her department, where she is inspired by the vision, guidance, and support of management while constantly developing her leadership skills along the way.

Q: What is a senior accounting assistant and why is it important to your department?

My manager often refers to me as his right hand. A senior accounting assistant is important because we are responsible for providing the day-to-day support for the team, training, and onboarding new team members as well as managing our team’s workload. We serve a valuable role in the department because of our ability to work alongside the team and upper management. This position creates a balanced approach to provide insights and ideas about the needs of our department to help management make informed decisions.

Q: What does a typical day on the job look like for you?

We support 11 subsidiaries, so a typical day consists of working hard to help my team find answers, troubleshoot, and resolve issues with internal and external customers to ensure payments are processed in a timely manner.

Q: What do you love most about your job?

I get to exercise what I love to do the most – helping others and utilizing my leadership skills. I recently completed the MYR Group CORE leadership training and am fortunate that each day I get to apply what I learned so I can be a more effective leader. I also enjoy observing the behaviors of the executives around me. They are all truly amazing individuals with traits I try to model.

Q: How is the accounting department essential to the day-to-day operations of the company?

Accounting is the heart of a company. Cash flows to and from it, sustaining the life of a company. We help track and manage all its transactions, provide vital information regarding cost and earnings, and keep business organized.

Q: What characteristics/skills/traits make a person in accounting successful?

In our department, an accounting professional must have strong attention to detail, knowledge of accounting practices, a willingness to learn, and to be a team player. They should also have great verbal and written communication skills, be adaptable to changes, be self-motivated, and be able to keep up with our fast-paced environment.

Q: Why do you think somebody in the accounting field should want to join MYR Group?

MYR Group is a stellar company to work for because our top management team truly embodies the organization’s vision: creating connections that empower people. When you work with leaders that value your ideas and encourage you to be your best self, it’s easy to understand why someone would want to be a part of something great!