SolveBright™ Post-Combustion CO2 Scrubbing

Regenerable Solvent Absorption Technology

SolveBright™ Post-Combustion CO2 Scrubbing

B&W began initial research of a post-combustion carbon capture process in 2005. This led to the development of the regenerable solvent absorption technology (RSAT) scrubbing process using an advanced amine solvent with demonstrated superior performance to that of competing solvents at the National Carbon Capture Center.

B&W’s RSAT system is a post-combustion carbon capture technology, works by absorbing CO2 directly from flue gas in an absorber using a regenerable solvent. The CO2-laden solvent is sent to a solvent regenerator where it is heated, and the CO2 is released as a concentrated stream for compression and transport to a CO2 storage facility. The solvent is then recycled to the absorber for additional CO2 capture.

Technology Status
Having completed pilot scale testing, B&W is looking for opportunities to demonstrate the technology at commercial scale (25 to 75 MWe).

SolveBright Post Combustion CO2 Scrubbing Technology Babcock Wilcox

SolveBright Post Combustion CO2 Scrubbing Prototype Babcock Wilcox